Common Electrical Problems With Your Heater

You invest in furnace and heat pump installation in Miami Gardens, FL, to receive the best and desired indoor comfort. Occasionally, you may experience a sudden buzzing noise, burnt plastics smell, ignition lockout, or high energy bills while using HVAC.

After experiencing any of these conditions, you should contact the technician for a repair service immediately. However, besides calling a professional heating repair, you also need to know the reasons behind these failures.

5 Common Electrical Problems with the Heater

Electrical failures don’t need to be the problem with electric furnaces only. You can experience electrical issues even after the gas furnace and heat pump installation in Miami Gardens, FL. The common electrical problems with heating equipment are;

The Heating Elements are Not Working

The heating system consists of a set of coils that act as heating elements. These coils increase the temperature of the air. Your heating equipment has more than one heating element.

The heating system will still be inefficient if one heating element fails. You should contact professionals to replace the failed or damaged heating element.

Thermostat Temperature Failure

The thermostat has multiple wiring systems, and it runs using electricity. The thermostat does not read the accurate temperature when any wire is faulty, burnt, loose, or broken.

It will cause temperature fluctuation and poor heating. This problem needs a heat pump service in Miramar.

Overloaded or Poor Circuit

We use multiple electrical appliances at home which receive power from the circuit box. The overloaded circuit box can cause a power surge, short circuits, and other electrical damage.

This electrical problem shortens the life of the HVAC and spoils its heating capacity. If your heating unit overheats often or you hear strange noises near the circuit, hire an HVAC contractor in Miramar to fix the electrical damage.

Starter Capacitor Defect

A starter capacitor is a small cylindrical part that supplies power to the motor. Any wiring issue or electrical damage in the starter capacitor leads to two conditions, i.e., more electricity consumption and ignition lockout.

If you are facing these situations, contact a heating repair expert who can help you to troubleshoot it on time.

Grounded Furnace Motor

A motor works using electricity and contributes to the heating operation. The motor that is not lubricated well or damaged causes the furnace to stop working.

During annual maintenance visits, technicians can inspect and repair the poor heating motor if you schedule a repair service immediately.

These most common electrical failures can cause your furnace or heat pump to shut down.

However, you can minimize the HVAC repairs and prevent electrical problems by maintaining your HVAC with an annual maintenance plan.

Contact the Technician for a Repair

You should not handle wiring, circuits, or any electrical damage, especially when you smell burnt wire. It can be extremely harmful to you and all electrical appliances.

If you are facing electrical problems with your furnace in South Florida, let Air Conditioning ProTech Corp handle it. We provide heating repairs and heat pump repair in Miami Gardens. Schedule service now to fix your malfunctioning heater.