Learn How To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner In Simple Ways

Did you have to buy a new air conditioning system because your old one gave up on you too early? An AC system’s average lifetime is around 10-15 years, but you may have noticed that its service starts to degrade after 7-8 years of service. 

Every year at the beginning of the summertime, your AC system will work efficiently and show signs of repairs, and then after a few years, you will have to replace your AC system. According to our air conditioning service in Miami Gardens, you can keep your unit up and running for around 15 years from the purchase.

Tips To Extend The Life Expectancy Of Your AC System

It is never too late to start preventive maintenance tips to keep your system in better condition. Here are some tips and tricks you can include in your daily routine as suggested by our AC installation in Miramar, FL

  • Enroll In Monthly Or Yearly Maintenance Plans

Suppose you keep forgetting to schedule maintenance services. In that case, you can enroll in the monthly or yearly maintenance schemes provided by the HVAC companies, and you do not have to worry about scheduling the services. 

The company’s technician will accordingly schedule the timetable. If you do not want to enroll in the schemes, the best time to schedule the services is before the summer.

  • Constant Temperature Helps To Reduce The Workload

The compressor works and processes the refrigeration as per the temperature in the thermostat. So, if you keep changing the temperature and set the temperature to the extreme digit, the workload increases on the compressor. 

According to the experts AC replacement in Miami Gardens, it is best to invest in zone cooling AC systems and keep the thermostat’s temperature at 78°F. 

  • Keeping The AC Air Filters And Coils Clean Is The Way To Keep The System Healthy

The problem builds when dust, dirt, and grimes enter the AC system. The dust on the filters, condenser fins and coils, compressor, and evaporator coils becomes an obstruction in the airway. 

Cleaning the components is essential to remove the root of all the problems. All you need to do is take a brush and water and clean them thoroughly.

Some Other Essential Tips You Must Not Forget.

Here are some other tips from the air conditioning service you use to reduce the workload on the AC system but maintain the lower temperatures to beat the heat: 

  • Use ceiling fans and an AC system to cool the room quickly, and you can switch off the AC system after two hours. 
  • Install a sunshade over the outdoor AC unit to protect the AC compressor and condenser coils from receiving direct sunlight. 

It is recommended by the AC installation, to keep the thermostat away from the sunlight.


It is always better to care for the equipment because purchasing new equipment dwindles the household budget. Contact Air Conditioning Pro-Tech Corp for today’s maintenance or AC replacement.