Look Out For These Abnormal Heater Noises

The problem with your heating system may not be apparent until it breaks down. The furnace may have worked well during the day but suddenly won’t turn on at night. Even though this is unusual, it can happen if you ignore the strange noises your furnace has been making for quite some time.

Strange noises from your heater are accompanied by some unusual behavior, which eventually causes it to fail. Strange noises may indicate serious problems, so ignoring them is not recommended. The quickest way to prevent severe issues is to contact our certified professionals for heat pump service in Miramar, FL.

Furnace Noises You Can't Ignore

Your furnace doesn’t need to make strange noises. If left unattended, some sounds may be harmless, but others might indicate a problem that requires a furnace replacement. If your heating or cooling system makes these four noises, you shouldn’t ignore them.


When your furnace’s heat exchanger booms, it’s like a small explosion. There is a delay in the ignition that causes this. The cause may also be a dirty burner or a large amount of gas rushing through the combustion area before the ignition ignites it.

While waiting to light the burners, gas builds up due to the difficulty of lighting them. A tiny explosion occurs when the burners are lit, causing the heat exchanger to shake and break. The fracture of a heat exchanger can cause poisonous carbon monoxide leaks. Consequently, you shouldn’t ignore this potential safety concern. Always contact our certified professionals for heat pump installation in Miami Gardens to fix the problem immediately.


Noises from furnaces include a clicking sound, which you may be familiar with. If you hear a clicking noise repeatedly, it might indicate a faulty flame sensor or an ignition problem. By detecting flames, the thermocouple opens valves and releases gas. The flame sensor will not detect the spark igniter if it is malfunctioning, so the valves will not open, and gas will not flow, thus making a clicking sound.


A rubber belt is most often responsible for this noise. One of our professionals can replace the belt on the fan motor and ensure it is functioning properly. If metal bearings and other surfaces aren’t well lubricated, squeals and screeches may occur. Prevent this from happening by tuning up your system every fall.


When loose objects enter the furnace, you often hear a rattling sound. In the case of a furnace, pointing out what has gone loose is an urgent matter that a professional technician can only handle. Such sounds should not be ignored since a small rattling sound can quickly escalate. The furnace may eventually break down as a result.

You should contact an experienced HVAC specialist for a professional diagnosis if these sounds occur after turning on your heater. As a leading furnace installation and repair company, Air Conditioning ProTech Corp can meet your needs. If you want to learn more about our services or book an estimate, please call us at (833) 271-3774.