Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Dying

Getting air conditioning repair services is the best thing you can do right now for your AC unit. By doing so, you will remain comfortable during the hot summer months and your unit will not unexpectedly break down.

If you delay air conditioning maintenance, you might think you are saving money on unnecessary air conditioning costs, but in reality, you are causing more damage to your air conditioning system.

Some of The Warning Signs that Your AC Needs Attention

This summer, avoid major air conditioning issues by planning your air conditioning repair. Contact a professional if you are looking for AC installation in Miami Gardens.

Noisy Fan

Suppose you might have faulty fan blades if your air conditioner makes a loud noise while running. Debris usually gets caught between the fan blades and the motor housing. Call the HVAC contractor in Miramar immediately if your air conditioner makes a loud noise.

Dirty Filter

A dirty filter clogs up the unit’s airflow with dust particles. In this case, the unit will have to work harder to push the air through the filter. At this point, you should replace the filter with a technician performing AC replacement in Miami Gardens.

Unresponsive Controls

When the temperature inside your house gets too hot, the thermostat automatically shuts off the AC. A malfunctioning control may prevent the unit from turning back on. Try pressing the control panel buttons to see if this is happening.

Low Refrigerant Level

Your air conditioner’s efficiency depends on how much refrigerant it contains. The compressor won’t be able to compress the gas into a liquid state if the refrigerant level drops below a certain threshold.

You can check whether this is happening by looking at the bottom of the evaporator coil. For it to function properly, you should use liquid refrigerant. This can result in costly repairs and AC replacement in Miami Gardens.

Air Conditioning Service Light On

When your air conditioning service light comes on, you should check whether or not the unit is working properly. The air conditioner service light indicates something is wrong with the cooling system. Often, this problem is caused by a malfunctioning compressor.

Unusual Odors

There may be something wrong with your air conditioning unit if you smell strange odors in your home. Ensure your filters, vents, and coils are not clogged or damaged. Schedule an appointment with your local HVAC contractor if you notice any unusual smells coming from your air conditioning unit.


You might be mistaken if you think your AC system problems will resolve themselves. Having a skilled technician for repair and AC installation in Miami Gardens can help you remedy the issues and save money in the long run.

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