What Do Specific Smells From Your AC Unit Mean?

It is inconvenient when your air conditioning system isn’t working properly or has a foul smell. Unusual air conditioning noise and strange odors indicate something that needs attention. You should contact an AC repair in Miami Gardens if your unit is aging and you have not performed routine maintenance.

Seven Common HVAC Smells and Their Adversities to Your Health

Gunpowder Smell

An odor similar to gunpowder emanating from the AC could indicate a short circuit. A gunpowder-like scent also emanates from the burning wiring connected to the fan motor. Immediately call a professional for an inspection if you notice this smell.

Burning Smell

There will be a burning smell from the AC if there is an electrical problem. If there is a problem with the compressor, the circuit board, or the fan motor, it may highlight that problem. The problem arises from erasing metal and chemicals within the circuit board, fan motor, or compressor. Call a professional HVAC dealer immediately and turn off the AC.

Rotten Eggs

If you have a natural gas leak, you may smell sulfur or rotten eggs. No scent is associated with natural gas, but utility companies add it as a warning. There is a high level of combustibility in the gas. To avoid disastrous events, contact the HVAC dealer as soon as possible.

Smells Like Chemical

Are you smelling paint thinner or formaldehyde coming from your air conditioner? As a result of the fluids used in the system, this problem occurs. There is a chemical aroma that suggests a malfunction in the system. A smell like this may cause respiratory distress. If you need expert assistance immediately, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exhaust Odor

A leaky AC unit will generate exhaust fumes if fluid leaks from it. Such fumes are toxic to health, causing breathing problems, depletion of blood oxygen levels, and other problems. Contact a technician for the ductless air conditioner in Miami Gardens.


You can smell a pungent vinegar-like odor after turning on the air conditioner. It can be caused by clogged filters, excessive condensation, or a clogged condensate pan. Changing your filter is the first step. You should call your local AC services if this doesn’t get rid of the smell.

Moldy Smell

Have you ever felt a musty smell coming from an air vent? An AC that smells like mold has a hidden problem. When you cannot drain moisture efficiently, it can escape into the duct, which leads to mold growth.

Ideally, you should be able to locate the exact location of mold buildup. Maintaining system efficiency requires cleaning molds. You can mitigate this issue by calling the nearest HVAC contractor if you are still unsure.

You should contact your local AC servicing business if your air conditioner emits unpleasant aromas. For air filter replacement service in Miramar, contact Air Conditioning ProTech Corp.