Whole House Dehumidifiers In Miami Gardens, FL

Whole House Dehumidifiers In Miami Gardens, Miramar, Hollywood, FL, and Surrounding Areas

The dehumidifier fan draws air in and blows it across the cold compressor coils. The moisture collects in the reservoir, and the reheater heats the air back to its original temperature before returning it to your home. A humidistat is a feature found in many whole-house dehumidifiers. It allows you to control the amount of humidity the unit removes from the air based on your preferences. Contact Us Today for Whole House Dehumidifiers In Miami Gardens, Miramar, Hollywood, FL, and Surrounding Areas.

Excess moisture is frequently the underlying cause of wet spots or mildew in your home, which can aggravate allergies, irritate the skin, and cause respiratory disorders like asthma. A dehumidifier is frequently the best approach to excessive combat humidity. It will help dry out your rooms, combat dampness, and protect your walls.

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How Do Whole-House Dehumidifiers Work?

A whole-house dehumidifier is a device that removes excess humidity from your home. An appliance roughly the size of a toaster oven is added to your HVAC system, which, like your central air conditioner and forced air furnace, uses ductwork. Your whole-house dehumidifier is triggered to absorb moisture from the air when the humidity inside your home climbs over a predetermined level (typically 50%).

Need For Whole-House Humidifier

  • Your air conditioner, as you surely know, has a dehumidification feature. On the other hand, a low-cost whole-house dehumidifier allows you to cut air conditioning consumption, lowering your energy expenditures dramatically. It will also enable you to dehumidify during the winter and the “shoulder seasons” of spring and fall when operating an air conditioner. However, it would help if you still had relief from the humidity.
  • The good impact on your health and comfort is one of the most significant advantages of a whole-house dehumidifier. Indoors, high relative humidity can aggravate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. A dehumidifier will help you breathe easier and feel less sweaty and sticky by removing excess moisture from the air.
  • A whole-house dehumidifier regulates high interior humidity levels, which could lead to mold and mildew, decay, warping of flooring and furniture, or the infestation of dust mites and other pests.
  • Make up for the fact that your air conditioner is too big. An air conditioner that is too large cools your house quickly to the temperature set on the thermostat but then cycles off before properly dehumidifying, leaving you feeling sweaty and unpleasant. This can be mitigated by using a whole-house dehumidifier.

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